A golden age of sunbathing in France

Un extracto de unas fotografías de los años 50y 60 en la Riviera Francesa, son las que más me han gustado, espero que os pase lo mismo. Copio el texto del Guardian

At news that French women are turning their backs on topless sunbathing thanks to a new generation with modern feminist morals, we look back to a more innocent/blissfully ignorant age, when the French riviera was awash with chic holidaymakers enjoying their moment in the sun

1967: Modesty, 60s-style ... Shells preserve this sunbather's decency

1962: Topless bathing was de rigueur in the 60s, as these women show. They're taking a break from arduous film-viewing at the Cannes film festival

1965: Colour photography finally reaches the promenade des Anglais in Nice

1952: Synchronised sunbathing on the banks of the river Seine in Paris

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